Whale Tale Beach House and Online Shop

The tale is in the taste...


12/01/18 13:32:40
Awesome, home away from home.......
It was private and very homely. My kids love it here, Definitely the perfect choice for a home away from home. The fact that I still had to work was made easy thanks to the wifi. I would definitely without a doubt recommend Whale Tale. It is and was awesome...my parents, kids and brother joined me....perfect 10.
The kids said they would have loved it if the grass at the back wasn't so dry.....but I explained to them that there was a water shortage....so all good.
12/01/18 13:32:09
We had a wonderful time at Whale Tale, the accommodation was comfortable and well located.
Loved the relaxed atmosphere, everything we needed was accounted for and provided.
12/01/18 13:30:27
Great weekend away with a really good host.
12/01/18 13:30:07
We stayed for 2 days. Very clean house and perfect for a bunch of people who wanna stay together. Nice big living room.
Craig B
12/01/18 13:27:07
Friendly, helpful, understanding - great experience and we will be back!