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We sell a range of products exclusive to Whale Tale.

little bunnies

Unique, hand crafted, home decor.


From creamy chocolate cheese, through tangy and sweet Red Velvet and on to heavenly carrot, each cake is made with love and the need to satisfy you. Browse our selection and place your order soon!


We create a variety of platters, from a healthy alternative to down right decadence. Brows through our selection and order yours...

#DELICIOUS frozen weight loss meals

What is the hardest part of any diet? MEAL PREP! Ask anyone who is serious about nutrition and long term weight loss goals and they will tell you the worst part of their day is meal prep. #DELICIOUS is our latest product range, specially designed to make your life easier. Each meal is prepared with care and has a caloric range between 300 and 400cal. All our meals are frozen in microwave friendly packaging for your convenience...Its a simple case of take it out the freezer and pop it in the microwave and dinner is served! We serve meals for 5 days of the week, ordered in the packages below. You can up-size your day with a shake or two, too! Happy Dieting! :)